• Personalized Wood Mail / Napkin Holder / Desk Organizer " Hand Painted Floral "- Real Estate-Closing Gift / House Warming / Teacher Gift / New Home

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    I present my all-new Wood personalized - Mail, Pens /Pencils, Kitchen Utensils, Recipe cards, and so much more Holder. These houses can be decorated with just about any theme...

    sports, animals, occupation, etc.

    Measures; 9.5" tall x 7.5" wide the box between the front and back house-shaped wood pieces. has a 4" depth.

    You choose the color for the windows, door, and roofline personalization and flower colors.

    This item is a favorite of all my real estate agents as a closing gift. A perfect housewarming gift, or gift for the hostess of a dinner or event. 

    A great end-of-the-year or holiday teacher's gift and it is useful.

    For the holidays it makes an amazing gift to bring as a family gift and I make them filled with gourmet chocolates as well. Please inquire

    It can be personalized with first names, family names, a business name, or words such as Welcome, Our Home, Mr. & Mrs., or Happy Holidays.

    My real estate agents can add their company name and phone number to the back, 

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask