Welcome .... here are a few things to keep in mind as you browse through my shop.

I hand paint all my items when my orders are received which gives you the freedom to make changes to the designs shown or to request a design of your own.

Almost all of my designs are interchangeable from one item to another. So if you are ordering a stool and like a design on a rocker chose " Requesting a diff design " and then type in the name that is personalized on the item that has the design you would like in the personalization area. For example, I would like the design on the "Henry" flip-top stool on the rocker I am ordering ... it is that easy

If you are requesting a design that is not shown on any item in my shop please contact me to discuss options.

Most orders take approx. 2- 3 weeks to be completed BUT
RUSH ORDERS ARE POSSIBLE ...but please contact me prior to ordering to verify the date. I always have at least 50 orders pending at any given time and will always try my best to bump orders up to meet a need-by date.

This January I celebrated 31 years in business and I owe it all to my thousands of repeat customers and their constant referrals. My promise has always been to provide quality pieces at the best prices I can. I know my pieces have become lifelong treasures from the countless photos I get of my hand-painted items which were purchased for a customer's son or daughter 25 years ago and now they are going off to college and there is my rocker, hamper, or toy box still there. I have already started on the kids of my kids from 30 years ago... I am so blessed.

Enjoy browsing ... feel free to ask any questions I paint about 12 hours a day 7 days a week and usually respond pretty quickly.Thank you for stopping by Jocelyn Owner of Lady J Designs