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    My wood book box can actually be used for many items, not just books. It is a very well made piece of room decor. The sides feature cutouts for easy carrying. There is plenty of room inside for many books, magazines even knitting supplies. I have had customers order this item for many reasons. 

    Although the design on this box is the " Pretty Flowers ", you may request a different design, as with all my items, design.

    Personalize with just a name or " My First Books " or " My Favorite Books " ..... or maybe it is a gift for someone who knits and you can personalize with   "Grandma's / Mom's Knitting Supplies". Another idea might be "Dad's TV Snacks or Magazines" and  "Mom's Favorite Cookbooks". The ideas are endless and they are all possible just send me your request.

    Made in the USA. 

    Size: 12" W x 8" D x 13" H

    You may choose to add 1 or 2 books, which are large, Size: 8.63" x 10.25" with 32 pages, ( see thumbnail picture ) 

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