• Sympathy / In Memory of wood wall plaque with a live forever growing air fern.

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    In response to my own difficult time in finding something to send when someone passes I have designed this beautiful plaque.I find that sending flowers can be expensive, and then they die. There are not very many other options. I have done the tree planting which is very nice but you really don't know if there is a tree and the framed piece you receive is paper. My " In memory Plaque " will be treasured forever and can be placed on any wall as a decorative piece.

    The poem - which I wrote reads    

                                This fern is special, as you will see

                                 Let it grow in memory

                                 Of the one you held so dear

                                 To remind you they are always near

    You can  substitute the word " they " with " she or he"

    The fern which is attached to the plaque is real and is called an air fern. An air fern requires no soil or water it grows by extracting tiny particles of water from the air. You can mist it very lightly from time to time but it will just keep growing.  I have my dad's on the wall right outside my bedroom.

    As a finishing touch add the name of the person who the plaque is in memory of.

    If you are sending this item directly to the recipient it will be appropriately wrapped and a sympathy enclosure card included with your wording.

    You may request the color of the wood plaque as well as the lettering color.

    Available in 2 different sizes. Additional sizes are available upon request.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Lady J Designs