• Candle Lightening Board BASIC

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    Basic Candle Board

    All boards can be customized to your requests, the possibilities are endless.
    The photos shown are some of my past requested designs 
    Economically priced and shipping price friendly.

    The base price Includes:

    a 36" x 6" x 2" base,
    painted your color choice, 
    the edge of the board is covered with rhinestones or coordinating ribbon
    Name up to 5 letters 
    ( additional letters are $7.75 for 6" letters or $8.75 for 8" letters )
    The name glittered in your choice of color,
    candle holders - glittered to match the name
    sprays which coordinate with the color of your party 
    on either side of the name

    Theme choices: 

    Baseballs                              Peace Sign

    Baseball Players                  Daisy                                                             

    Soccer Balls                         Butterflies                         

    Soccer Players                     Seahorse

    Football Players                    Fish

    Footballs                               Angel Fish                                       

    Football Helmets                  Palm Tree

    Skate Boarders                    Flamingo                   

    Basketballs                          Elephant

    Basketball Players               Music Notes Fancy Tail                 

    Roller Blades                       Music Notes                     

    Karate                                  Double Music Notes                                    

    Hockey players                    Guitar                     

    Tennis Balls                         G Clef

    Race Cars                           Gymnastics

    Stars                                    Ice Skates

    Ballerinas                             Cheerleaders

    Golf Girl                                NY Street Signs                      

    Statue of Liberty                    Purse                               

    High Heel Shoe                     #16

    #15                                        #13

    #16 in a heart                        #16 (styrofoam glittered)

    #15 (styrofoam glittered)       #13 (styrofoam glittered)

    Glitter color choices: ( in the order shown in thumbnail ) 

    Gold, Silver Iridescent Black 
    Bubblegum Pink Coral, Fushia Pink Magenta
    Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Pale Blue
    Tiffany Blue, Lime Green, Green, Red

    Names with more than 5 letters can only be done in 6" size
    since they will overshoot the end of the board.

    Lights, feathers, flowers, crystals, tiaras and other additions are available by request, additional charges may apply

    Thank you for considering Lady J Designs as a part of your upcoming event.... Jocelyn