• Complete W/ Glittered Candles - Candle Board / Candelabra - Fancy Wood Script or Block Letters - Sweet 16, Bar Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera

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    This candle board includes everything .. .. including 10" tapered glittered candles &  free shipping 

     I have 2 other listings in my Etsy Shop ( Ladyjdesignsforyou ) one includes 10" plain white candles 

     and the other has no candles - something for every need.


                                        The price shown includes:

    - A 3-foot long Styrofoam base,- painted in your choice of color 

     - The name on this board is made of Wood with keyholes on the back 

        allowing it to be hung on a wall, it will be glittered in your choice of color. 

        Available in 8" or 10" script or block letters, 

        the size will be determined by the number of letters in the name. 

        Most of my boards shown are in the 10" size.

        Names are between 29" and 32" long.

     - Glittered candle holders - quantity 12 - 17, no price difference

     - Coordinating Mylar sprays on either side of the name 

    - A glittered or painted number 12 - 17, whichever applies to your event.

    _  Boards for Bar Mitzvahs will be edged in either a themed or coordinating colored ribbon

    - This price includes glittered candles, which will be the same quantity as your candle holders

       and the same color glitter unless requested otherwise - no price difference.

     I pride myself, for 27 years, in keeping my candle board and all my prices reasonable.

    There are substitutions available for this board, for example, a theme piece vs a glittered number with no additional charge. 

    Examples of add on items which would carry an additional charge are - 

    lights, hand-painted theme pieces, additional tiers or risers 

    please inquire about these items if you are interested.

    Appointments are available for local customers to discuss your design requests for each item.

    For my long-distance customers, I make available phone conversations, email correspondences, 

    even video chats - all making makes your design requests easier to convey. 


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