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    My candle boards are available with many different customizations. Second levels, lights, theme pieces,

    Styrofoam letters, Wood letters, decorations and so much more. I pride myself in keeping my candle board prices reasonable being much more affordable than going out and buying everything you need. 

    I have appointments available for local customers so we can sit and discuss your ideas and your budget.

    I also carry custom invitations - single card - $ 1.75 with envelope, layered glitter backed invitations $2.50 with envelope, Centerpieces, Card/envelope Boxes, sign in books, favors and more.... 


                                                               The price shown includes:                                 

    - A 3-foot long Styrofoam base,- painted in your choice of color 

    - The edge of the board is covered with rhinestones or coordinating ribbon - your choice

     - Name glittered or painted  in 6" (Shown in Photos)  or 8" ( photos coming soon )script or block letters

     - Glittered candle holders - quantity 12 - 17, no price difference

     - Coordinating mylar sprays on either side of the name 

    Candles are not included. Glittered candles are available, in my shop,  as a separate purchase.

    When purchasing a candle board glittered candles are discounted to $1.50 each

    Additional add on items are available such as

    lights, theme hand painted or silhouetted pieces,

    additional tiers and more

    some may carry an upcharge

    If you would prefer to discuss your design prior to ordering 

    please feel free to contact me at 631-473-5398 - Jocelyn

    I invite you to visit my

    Website: www.ladyjdesigns.com

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