• Candle Lightening Board Custom - Prices Vary

    Name For Board
    Type in the theme of your party, including colors. If you have a photo please contact us

    Basic Candle Board + Individual Customization 

    Customization is done to your requests 
    there are endless possibilities for the designs.

    The photos shown are some of the past custom boards I have designed.
    A phone conversation will be required to discuss customization

    The base price on these boards is
    This includes:
    a 36" x 12" x 2" base,
    painted your color choice, 
    the edge of the board is covered with a diamond luster ribbon or rhinestones
    Name up to 5 letters 
    ( additional letters are $7.75 for 6" letters or $8.75 for 8" letters )
    Name is glittered in your choice of color,
    candle holders are glittered to match name
    13 , 15 , 16 or 17 10" white tapered candles ( no price difference)
    with decorations which coordinate with the theme of your party 
    on either side of name
    Names with more then 5 letters can only be done in 6" size
    since they will over shoot the end of the board.

    Second tiers, lights, further variations are all available