• 5 x 7 Wood Photo Frame - Hand Painted & Personalized with a 2.5" border Ac


    This item makes a perfect gift for so many different occasions.  
    It is beautifully made of wood and substantial in size.
    Each frame is hand painted and personalized,
    choose one of my designs shown or request your own.
    Photos are samples of past orders.

    The frame is made of wood and holds a 5 x 7 photo.
    There is a 2.5" wood border around the photo
    which gives me a nice area to paint a custom design.

    The frame can be painted vertically or horizontally
    and can either be hung on a wall or there is a positionable dowl in the back
    which allows the frame to free stand.

    Made in the U.S.A.
    Thank you, Jocelyn
    Lady J Designs